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Diary of a Madman

Waiting at the window...

Concrete Elephant
11 September
Me in a nutshell = DJ + loony + nice + bouncy + deranged + brain (allegedly) + longhairedfreek + insane

Likes: music, escapism, helping out, bouncing, DJing, beeping, corsets, variety, being mad, ranting, faffing, fumbling, stroking, groping, toking, quacking, umm... scratch the last one *ahem* :P

Dislikes: rude/ignorant/smelly/arrogant/self-centred/disrespectful or just plain mean people, crap public transport, people who whinge if they don't get their own way, political gobshite, the media in general + lots o' stuff

My journal is optimised for Internet Explorer 4 and above running 1024x768 resolution and 16-bit color. Anything lower might look weird/have bits missing or obscured. All links open in a new window 'cos I'm nice like that :P
80's music, achievement, alan partridge, alan rickman, aliens, anarchy, angelina jolie, b-movies, bdsm, being nice, black metal, bleepy music, boys, castles, chaos, cheese, cheesy music, cheesy peas, clubbing, commercial dance, concealed weapons, conspiracies, conspiracy theory, cooking, corsets, countryside, cover versions, crap music, cult movies, darkness, death, delusion, dementia, demonology, djing, dragons, dvds, ebm, emily booth, emotions, escapism, esp, espionage, eurotrash, evil, extreme fashion, fabricated reality, faeries, faery circles, fake, fantasy, fantasy art, father ted, fawlty towers, fetish, fire, folklore, freaks, friends, ghosts, girls, goblins, gobshite, goth, grunge, hard house, haunting, hell, honesty, horror, hugs, industrial music, inferiority, information age, insanity, intimacy, justification, kinky, knightmare, little green men, logic, long hair, long words, masuimi max, meditation, meeting new people, megalomania, metal, milla jovovich, misanthropy, monty python, morality, music, my friends, mythology, myths, nicole kidman, occult, outer space, paranoia, parody, parties, perversion, perverts, pervirella, playstation 2, pop music, pseudoantidisestablishmentarianism, punk, purple, pvc, red wine, respect, rock, sadism, sarcasm, sci-fi, self hypnosis, sex, shc, shrubbery, sir anthony hopkins, skunk, small plastic toys, socialising, spanking, stargate sg-1, stars, surreal, swords, talking shite, techno, technology, tolkien, trance, trees, vampires, vegetating, video games, voyeurs, web design, weed, weird movies, weirdness, whipping, women, woodlands