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all Souled Out...   
12:01am 30/12/2005
mood: feelin the bline!
Things have changed slightly around hither and as the McDonalds advert says "I'm lovin it!". This username was flushed down the bog ages ago so i'll be seein' ya... if u know where to look ;)*BLLLLLLLAP!*

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04:33am 28/02/2004
  The flying monkeys have really excelled themselves this time; I have an invite to the private Cure gig at Camden Barfly next week! No tickets for it but there was a pass on eBay for ?1600! Train and hotel already sorted, woohoo! :D  

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> by popular demand...    
05:30pm 06/12/2003
mood: bouncy
*grins at a few people & brushes off the dust*

Good to know 98.5% of people I know (including people from years ago) aren't affected by the *ahem* "issues" that are going round. I guess you need a special badge to qualify...
04:25pm 12/08/2003
mood: annoyed
Righty, I'm off and email is still dead so can't get at it to set up my out of office thing. Hmph. The first time I ever have more than one day off work with the intention to take a short break and the whole plan gets severely f*cked up - story of my life.

Right, time to make a start on what appears to a f*cking awful week off work - think I'm going to be staying at home and keeping out of the way. And people wonder why I hate this planet...
02:51pm 12/08/2003
  I'm sure I posted this already: my work email is completely dead at the moment. My mobile is almost out of juice and I have no credit but it's the best I can offer...  

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12:45pm 12/08/2003
mood: anxious
Woo. Finish today for a bit. Plans have changed yet again and now I'm not going to Wales because Anna can't afford it. At least she couldn't at the weekend, which means the plan has probably changed again and now we're going trout fishing on Jupiter. So long as we get all her stuff moved in at some point...

Um. Might be flying south to meet uberredfraggle at the weekend, then maybe meeting cybermule in Gloucester, plus many other potential plans.

Um, Anna and I wanna do a party at some point too. She wants it to be at the beginning of September so we can do school uniform fancy dress but that's too close to my birthday (*ahem* Ozzy playing the NEC in November ;) *hint*) and Compulsion so it might be closer to the middle or end of september instead.

Apologies for the lack of grammar, spelling and intelligence. It's hard to think straight when you have high explosive instead of a brain... *crawls back into hole*

Good news, BTW. Barrie of Haunted Fishtank (Edwards No8) fame is confirmed for the next Compulsion so all you goffik warriors really should be there in force and 'aving it large ;)

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03:49pm 11/08/2003
mood: excited
Plan wasn't as st00pid as I thought. Bo! :D

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12:45pm 11/08/2003
mood: nervous
Phew, that weekend was eeeeeeeevil! It was way too hot to even move at times! Glad it was a bit darker on sunday 'cos the air needed clearing and the rather long spell of thunder and lightening had me cackling like a maniac for ages :P

Weekend was fairly chilled out and easy but I feel kinda of edgy and a bit queasy this morning. Things didn't get off to a good start (bed at 4:30am, set alarm wrong so got up 30 minutes late, got to work 10 minutes late etc...). Must be the nerves or something... *takes deep breath and jumps into the deep end*

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watch out, he's rambling again!!   
04:29pm 07/08/2003
mood: hot
The next few weeks and months certainly are going to be interesting and everything will improve by a few hundred percent.

ma roomie, overtime, stuff and strange ponderings...Collapse )

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01:18pm 06/08/2003
mood: okay
I may well be mistaken but I think I can feel the effects of air conditioning of some description! Yes, I am at work and not skiving in a big igloo in my back garden...

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04:51pm 05/08/2003
mood: confused
ouchie, neck and shoulder ache a bit due to mysterious random tissue damage. Me no care much 'cos it feels like there's an industrial-strength workmate or big gangsta bredrin clamping onto my shoulder which throbs and feels like a massage every time I move. Bonus ^_^

Some person wot I don't 'ave the number for called mi moby earlier and I missed the call by like 2 seconds. If yo' moby number is got a 2 and a 3 and anuvver 3 and a 5 and a 1 and some uvver numbers in it, then gimme a call after 6pm or throw dung at my work email address.


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04:41pm 04/08/2003
mood: working
Just a quickie - party was ace. Mucho intoxication, debauchery and fun was had by all (I think). Hope to do it again soon. Still have sh*teloads of cleaning and stuff to get done though.

And good news about my £100-a-day overtime as well. Extra super-condensed training starts tomorrow so my head will probably be exploding fairly regularly.

K'bye *runs off to do more super-geeky work like a good boi*

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04:53pm 01/08/2003
mood: bouncy

My place, tomorrow night. Only contactable on mobile now - the number is hidden in a friends only post here so if you don't have it, ask around 'cos most people have either my or b00mer's phone number.

Be seeing people tomorrow :)
12:10pm 01/08/2003
mood: working
Feck! I used to live here!! Hope my nan and grandad aren't affected too badly - just sent them a text message so I guess I'll find out soon enough...

Won't be using the net much for a while but I can still be contacted via my work email address for any enquiries about the party at the weekend.

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Par-tay details   
11:54am 28/07/2003
  From Jem:

** Fangs Fetish & Fantasy Party **
(Like Ann Summers but without the sex toys and much better clothes!)
Time: 7pm onwards..... but feel free to arrive any time after 5pm!
Date: Saturday 2nd August (ie, this saturday coming!)
Place: Dave's place
Bring: Nibbles, drink and any other "party ingredients" you may require, cash and cheques! Taxi company phone numbers might also be useful :)

Try on some of the great range of clothes from Leg Avenue to buy or to order from the catalogue.

Play naughty Pass the Parcel... Have fun, fun, fun! :D


My address and mobile number have been posted friends-only but if there's anyone not on my friends list who wants to come, send me an email or leave a comment with your email address and I'll send the details to you :)

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11:50am 28/07/2003
mood: poo
Just a few random points I've missed:

. Some random bloke in Costers complimented my hair and was well impressed that the length is natural.
. I see far too many people I either know or recognise from somewhere on the bus.
. The thing that was making me feel sick last week, and on one or two (or most likely more times) other occasions I hasten to add, is still making me feel sick now. Sick to the point of wanting to stab millions of tiny holes into my body, have rampant sex with a rusty cheese grater, rub salt in the wounds then dive into a vat of boiling TCP before rolling on hot coals whilst listening to Hanson. Then sooth the slight stinging sensation by diving into a pile of steaming bullsh*t.
. Arrangements are a waste of time. Basic courtesy is non-existent.
. I don't know what lunch I'm on this week, and I haven't got a clue what I'm going to do now that our food place has closed for a re-fit. Skint until friday anyway so it doesn't matter that much anyway.
. Common sense and how many people seem to completely disregard it and cause more trouble for everyone (inspired by a chat with a work colleague).
. I keep feeling random shakes like mini-earthquakes. I'm the only one who can feel the shakes and it's been happening for a few weeks so that leads me to believe someone has either strapped an invisible vibrator to me, or there's something not quite right somewhere.

Can't be arsed with any more. My inspiration has dried up.
08:26am 28/07/2003
mood: insignificant
Ace night out on friday with kamalaya. I forgot how good Costers is on a friday and the DJ was one of those annoying types who plays about 6 excellent tracks back to back leaving no alternative but to play air guitar and bounce around in ones seat :)

Unfortunately that was the peak of my weekend apart from Ian phoning to invite me to the Mercat (which was declined due to being painfully skint again) and asking me to DJ at Merciless Retribution again. I've checked the calendar at work and double-confirmed that the week I booked off has been sorted so that means I have 13th-20th August to do whatever the hell I want, and Merciless next falls on the 16th. There were plans for that week but Anna seems to have developed her own ideas again and left me with a void so it looks like a trip elsewhere might be in order... :/

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For vampcherry   
12:53pm 25/07/2003
  Work email address

Leave a comment so I know you got this :)

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12:21pm 25/07/2003
mood: skint & annoyed
Right, almost have the weekend sorted and one or two things to clear up.

I know one thing for sure though; I won't be funding mental weekends for other people any more, not that I wanted to in the first place mind. This is because I'm sick of spending, on average, over £60 (eg Compulsion/James' party weekend: almost £80 on green, most of which was nicked by everyone else and even freely passed round a room of around 20 people I didn't know! And that's just one thing.) every weekend on a load of shite that either gets wasted or taken for granted. In other words, if you intend visiting and want to drink loads/smoke loads of weed/eat loads/waste things bring your own 'cos I'm not a f*cking hotel service. I'm not a mean person but when people constantly abuse my hospitality and don't show any sign of returning the favour (or make promises and conveniently "forget" about them), I get pissed off.

On the plus side, some people might be pleased to know that thanks to their efforts (or lack of, as the case may be) I'm f*cking skint again and will probably have to raid my stash of very small change for bus fare. Somehow I have forget about that and be social with kamalaya tonight, and bennyabennya tomorrow. I think the decent company will help my overall mood too...
08:41am 25/07/2003
mood: raaah!
Are there any decent rock/metal/thrash/general noise type gigs in or near Birmingham any time soon? I feel an urge to partake of some good old-fashioned head banging, crowd-surfing and getting repeatedly kicked in the head by cute girls/boys who need launching into the crowd...

Gig dates/info would be good but a website with decent gig listing would be even better :)

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